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Layer Warping & Adhesion Issues

Print Nanny can spot warping in bottom layers and detects unexpected shifts.

Clogged Nozzle & Low Filament

Print Nanny has an eye for irregular extrusion like a clogged nozzle and spaghetti

Base Edition

HQ Video Stream & Monitoring

The Base Edition comes pre-installed with:

  • Defect & Failure Detection
  • High Quality Video
  • Runs on Raspberry Pi 4
  • Based on Debian Bullseye (64-bit)
  • Secure remote tunnel - coming soon!
  • File sync - coming soon!

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of Raspberry Pi Trading.

OctoPrint Edition

Compatible with OctoPrint

Comes pre-installed with:

  • Everything in the Base Edition
  • OctoPrint Web Interface
  • PrintNanny Event Adaptor

A portion of your subscription will be donated to support OctoPrint's development. 💚

OctoPrint is a registered trademark.

Other Editions

Coming in 2022!

Compatible with Moonraker, Mainsail, Fluidd

Please email if you're interested in early access.

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