Sick of Babysitting your 3D Printer? 👶

Hire a nanny.

Get notified of print defects 🔔

Pause from anywhere 🌎

Automate shipping & post-processing 🦾

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Spend less time fretting over your prints

Automatic safety hazard and print quality alerts

🔮 Live Monitoring

Print Nanny will watch your job, so you can focus on other things.

You'll be automatically notified of common issues:

Print bed adhesion and layer warping

Blisters, zits, and retraction issues

Low filament supply

Clogged print nozzle

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🌏 Remote Control

Need more control?
Print Nanny lets you manage your 3D printer from anywhere.

Pause, resume, stop prints

No bandwidth limits

Re-order low filament

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🦾 Automated Workflows

Are you wasting time on routine tasks, like watermarking your timelapse videos videos or updating your in-stock products by hand?

Point and click workflow builder

2,000+ no-code tasks via Zapier and IFTTT.

Developer API (Swagger) and Webhooks

Easy Raspberry Pi installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Print Nanny?


How does Print Nanny work?

The defect detection system uses a neural network to monitor your printer's webcam stream. This state-of-the art computer vision model was developed at Google for use on mobile devices like the Pixel phone. A compression technique called quantization reduces the footprint of the model, enabling real-time performance entirely on-device - no internet connection required.

Print Nanny's detector model is deployed to a Raspberry Pi, and integrates directly with OctoPrint for printer control. We engineered this system with reliability in mind. A 3D printer is a hazardous home appliance, like a gas oven.

You wouldn't trust a "smart" internet-connected stove, right? (please don't, see below for examples of what could happen 😬)


Can you hurry up and invite me already?

Working on it! Print Nanny is currently in a closed beta, so we can work directly with early adoptors. These folks don't mind a few rough edges or bugs, and they tend to be entrepeneurial themselves (e.g. running a tableshop miniature shop from their garage or managing a YouTube channel of satisfying timelapse videos). Does this sound like you?

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I tinker and print occasionally as a hobby. Is Print Nanny for me?

Same, honestly. Print Nanny was created by a tinker-maker type who currently works at the intersection of Machine Learning and DevOps.

3D printing, electronics, and prototyping are her hobbies - but hobbies should be fun! Do you know what isn't fun? Stressing out about leaving a printer alone while you walk the dog (it's like leaving a gas oven on), or losing a 40-hour print that have been saved by intervention at the right time.


Will Print Nanny be Open Source?

Yes! Source code and a self-guided development course will be published.

You can also follow the development of Print Nanny on the blog, if you are curious about how a computer vision AI is built.